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Holiday Specials!

If you – or someone you love – can’t wait for the holidays because of the dread you feel every morning when you go to work, and next year doesn’t look any better, it is time to make your work more fulfilling. For over five years now, I have been coaching people around their job situations so they are more fulfilled and find joy in their work. I am really committed to creating a world in which everyone gets up eager to go to work, so, for this month only, I’m offering two holiday specials that will be powerful ways for you to stop dreading work and start feeling more aligned and fulfilled! All my coaching is virtual, so it doesn’t matter where we are in the world, we can connect!

Holiday Special #1 – Craft Your Job VIP Session

One of the ways I love to work with my clients is through my 3-month Make Your Job Better private coaching program. In addition to individual coaching sessions, this program begins with a powerful, Craft Your Job VIP Session that provides a ton of value in the 3 hours we virtually spend together. We take a deep dive into how you spend your time at work, and how it aligns (or doesn’t) with your values, strengths, and passions using the research on Job Crafting. Then we’ll use this information to help you create action steps that will bring you more fulfillment and satisfaction at work – and beyond.

I don’t usually offer this Craft Your Job VIP Session as a stand alone, but this month, for the holidays, I am! Not only that, but for a limited time only I am offering this Craft Your Job VIP Session at 50% off its total value! That’s right – it’s only $427. I have space for only 5 of these sessions, so if you are looking forward to the holidays because you can’t wait to escape from work, you’ll want to jump on this. It may also be the perfect holiday gift for someone you love.

Holiday Special #2 – Individual Coaching Sessions

I am also offering an amazing discount on my Individual Coaching Sessions for the holidays. For the month of December 2018 only, I am offering single, private coaching sessions for half off – $125 each instead of $250 (up to a max of three per person). This is a savings of more than $200 over even my package rate!

In each Individual Coaching Session, you will set the goal that you want to work on – while clients usually come to me for issues related to satisfaction and meaning at work, because our jobs are so intertwined with who we are and how we act outside of work, often life issues end up on the table as well. I’ll help you get to awareness about what you really want, what is getting in the way, and what you’ll do to move forward, so that you can stop feeling stuck.

If you want support in the New Year to reach a goal that has been eluding you, don’t put off investing in yourself any longer! We often think there’s shame in reaching out for help, but the reality is, none of us ever get where we’re going alone. I’ve made the greatest strides in my life when I’ve invested in getting the support I need.

This could be the perfect gift for you or a loved one – the luxury of having a non-judgmental, unattached person asking you powerful questions to help you get to the heart of what it is that needs to change in your work and your life.

How Can I Sign Up?

Just click below on the holiday store! Holiday specials are available through December 31, 2018, or until they’re sold out, whichever happens first.

The Coaching Heights Holiday Store

Gift Certificates are available for all the holiday specials – and I realize that since I celebrate Christmas, all my photos are Christmas related, but that’s obviously not the only holiday happening. If you would prefer a non-Christmas gift certificate, or a gift certificate without the photos, just let me know!


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