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Top Life Coach badge for Dr. Kim Geil from the Coach FoundationRecognized as one of the Top Life Coaches of 2022 by the Coach Foundation.




One of the Top 20 Coaches in Sacramento in 2021!


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If you are ready to start moving forward and taking action, then coaching is for you. Just as a mountain guide can give you the tools, motivation, and support to reach the summit, a coach can do the same for all areas of your life.


This doesn’t mean that you’re turning over responsibility, though. Just as in climbing a peak, you are the one who actually has to put one foot in front of the other to get to the top. You have to be willing to work to reach your goals – and with the help of a coach, you can realize potential you never even knew you had and reach goals that are so much higher than you ever thought possible.


Many people who set out to climb a mountain run into obstacles: perhaps they didn’t train enough, or didn’t realize that they have a hidden fear that gets in the way, or had no idea just how long and how hard the journey would be and start to get discouraged. But thanks to their guide, they find that they are capable of digging much deeper, and pushing themselves much further than they ever would have on their own.


“I’ve worked with many life coaches but Kim possesses a unique groundedness that brings clarity to even the most stressful situations. Before working with her, I was completely overwhelmed and stuck. I had so much fear that I was doubting my career path altogether. Kim’s level-headed guidance and sharp skills helped me navigate the tricky situation and reconnect with my strength so that I was able to see the honest truth of what I wanted. With her help, I was able to let go of the doubts that were paralyzing me and pursue the career of my dreams with confidence and excitement. I feel so grateful for Kim and couldn’t have done it without her. I’m certain that Kim could coach anybody about anything!” – Stephanie S.

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