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     Using ancient wisdom and modern philosophy, Optimize Premium helps you to show up more frequently as the best version of yourself. I don’t run it, but it and the Optimize Mastery/Coach program inspired my take on it: the Optimize Your Life to Be Your Best Self program (see below).

Optimize Your Life to Be Your Best Self Group Program

This is a small, intimate deep dive into ancient wisdom and modern philosophy with an emphasis on putting it into action in a group coaching setting. But it’s not happening in 2022, because the original version of the program was available for an amazing deal. It will be back in 2023 if you missed it!

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Set up a one-on-one Be Your Best Self consult, held over the phone or Zoom, to find out if working together will be what you need to make the changes you want in your life.

“[During our session], Kim didn’t simply dole out static information about how to achieve my goals, she joined minds with me to fluidly identify obstacles in my path and to offer myriad solutions. I felt that she was on my team immediately, and provided a comfortable environment for reframing and understanding my real or imagined roadblocks.” – John C.


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“Things are going wonderful. I was able to quit my full time job and now have two part time jobs I love and lots of positive energy to work on my Utopian Dreams! I’ve just finished my second children’s book [update – now five]. The first one went over really well. Here is a link to my website. Thanks for the direction! I still go in to many directions but am much better at completing tasks!”
― Lori C.