Coaching Heights

Coaching Heights is for you if you:

Really want to make changes in your life
Know deep down there’s something better out there for you

Are willing–even excited–to face your fears
Believe you can shape your life to be what you want it to be

Understand there are more opportunities in the world than obstacles
Are searching for what you are meant to be doing in this life

Are committed to honestly and openly examining why you do what you do
Are ready to show up more frequently as your best self


“I’ve watched coach Kim transform the lives of two young adults. Coach Kim gave them the tools they needed, assisted them in putting their time and energy towards a career path that they feel passionate about. It’s beautiful to see them both succeed. I highly recommend Kim to co-workers and friends in my life who feel stuck.” – Rachelle E.


Don’t struggle trying to make changes yourself without the right support:

What: One-on-one coaching sessions – ask about the right program for you.

Where: Sessions are held over the phone, so you can participate from wherever you are.

When: Times are arranged in advance, and sessions are typically held every other week, depending on your goals.


As soon as you decide to invest in yourself, you will see things begin to change

“I clarified my professional goals. She guided me to make the decision [that] I’d like to most likely return to teaching but I also decided on several other professional areas I’d like to explore before teaching again. I also clarified some of my personal values. It was a wonderful experience working with Kim.” – Iris W.


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There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

― Nelson Mandela